Can I Get a CNA Certification Online?

In our hectic world, it’s no surprise many aspiringCNAs look to online Nursing Assistant Certification programs to begin their new career. While it’s possible to gain an accredited education online, no state in America allows its CNAs to become certified through an online examination. This being said, if you’re looking to expand your career options, but don’t have the means to attend on-campus classes then online CNA training programs may be your ideal choice.

Online Certification

Before delving into online training programs, it’s vital to understand the legalities of becoming a certified nursing assistant. With this understanding you’ll be better equipped to navigate the web of scam training programs and bogus online certification examinations.

According to the candidate handbook for certified nursing assistants in all states, taking and passing the certification examination must be done at a physical testing center. While certain states allow online exam registration, taking certification exams online is strictly prohibited. Don’t waste your time and hard-earned money on one of the countless online exam “centers.” The only result from taking one of these exams is a bill and a useless certificate of competency.

Online CNA Training Programs

While taking the CNA certification exam online is not a viable web-based option for this career, there are many accredited online-based CNA training programs available. When scouring the Internet for the best online certified nursing assistant training program, look for the following qualities:

1.) In-Person Clinical Training – Because the bulk of certified nursing assistant responsibilities involve interpersonal interactions with patients, only choose a program that offers clinical training courses. Depending on your state, this may not be an option. Some state nursing boards require a specific number of clinical training to quality for examination.

2.) Required Hours – Certain states require a minimum of 75 hours of intensive training to quality for examination. While these hours may vary according to your state, never choose a web-based training program without first determining the amount of training your state requires. Uncover this information by reviewing the Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook published by your states board of nursing or division of professional licensing.

3.) Full Accreditation – In order for your online education make you eligible for examination, it must be accredited by your states board of education as well as the U.S. Department of Education. Since nursing assistant training programs typically don’t result in a degree, programs don’t have to be accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, or CCNE.